2022-11-04 - AJA


(Opal / IRL)

Aja Ireland is an award-winning sound and performance artist making deconstructed club and industrial techno whose live shows are described in The WIRE Magazine as “Shifting from ethereal diffusions to potent explosions." The new live performances reveal a new, vulnerable transformation of the performer; shedding make-up and costumes and bringing a brand-new digital collaboration in the form of new visuals to the live shows in 2022.

AJA’s latest album “SLUG” was released on Opal Tapes in October 2021 and explored themes of warped beauty, oozing translucency and distortions.

Dato: fredag 4.11.

Åpningstid: 19:00 - 02:45

Tid: 23:45 - 00:30

Sted: Østre, Fongaard 2.etg

Billetter: Dagspass 250,-, Festivalpass 900,-