Ekko konsertserie nr. 34
Amber Ablett: Anthems (Lydgalleriet / NO)
Arthur Hureau: The Limits to Growth (FR)
Camila Fuchs (ATP Recordings / PT)
Bjørn Torske b2b Asel (Smalltown Supersound / NO)
Reckless Kettle & Hildisvíni (SCT)
Fre 15. November
21:00 - 03:00
Østre - Østre Skostredet 3
Free from 21.00, 120,- from 23.00

Celebrating Ekko Festival 2019 with our own little after party featuring electronic duo from Mexico/Munich Camila Fuchs live, listening session with Arthur Hureau's new album «the limits to growth» and Bjørn Torske b2b the festival boss the rest of the evening. 

Amber Ablett: Anthems

Oram - 1.etg - Østre
In the Anthems project, Amber Ablett has been learning the national anthems of countries that people have asked her if she comes from. The overall project of learning the national anthems seeks to raise the question of the assumed relationship between ethnicity and nationality, our outer appearances and our inner connections, how we see ourselves and how others see us. The exhibition at Lydgalleriet shares recordings and text works from this project within an archival structure, and will be presented...
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Arthur Hureau: The Limits to Growth

Østre - 2.etg - Fongaard
The Limits To Growth is the name of a report commissioned in the 70s to understand how our world system would evolve within the next decades and it's impacts on the society, later published as a book.The Limits To Growth is the seventh album of the french composer and sound-designer Arthur Hureau, who currently lives and work in Bergen – and will be presented through a listening session over 42 minutes, accompanied by lights and visuals by Lars–Andreas Forthun. 
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Camila Fuchs

Østre - 2.etg - Fongaard
The electronic pop duo from Mexico & Munich was born in London's melting pot. With vocals nodding to early Björk & Karin Dreijer over glitchy, crackling electronic pulses the duo has made their own blueprint, music with haunting melodies and tense emotional content. Their performance is accompanied by a visual work making it an engulfing AV show.
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Bjørn Torske b2b Asel

Østre - 2.etg - Fongaard
Where and what would Norwegian house music be with The Codfather? We don't want to know. Torske if famously known for his "skrangledisko," and is one of few producers who can boast both being extremely versatile and at the same time very recognisable. As a dj he is one of Bergen's best kept treasures, if he's playing a wednesday afternoon at Café Opera, or a radio show on Vers Libre he always delivers interesting content from all over the world. Get...
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Reckless Kettle & Hildisvíni

Østre - 2.etg - Fongaard
Reckless Kettle & Hildisvíni are a dj-duo from the Scottish hillside. Reckless Kettle has a passion for collecting a wide spectrum of vinyl which is clear in his performance – the motto is always “Keep it Freaky”, something which is very much reflected in the tune selection! Hildisvíni rustles around in the sonic undergrowth, rooting out all sorts of tasty morsels. Although these are sometimes easily recognisable, most are moody and mysterious. Her DJ selections are not so much organised by genre or tempo...
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