Mhost Likely #1

Østre presenterer:

Mhost Likely's leaving deep space and are approaching Planet U4-iA at terrestrial lightspeed!

Be aware of the sonic gravitational fields, as we are flowing into ultra fast-rate trance mode. The g-force from the aura-pushing basslines may cause alchemically unbalance. But hold on, free your body, mind and spirit as we will soon orbit into the acid sunshine.

Behind this sonic event, you will find neo-trance enigmas such as Blue Hour, Oprofessionell and Minus Magnus. They will deliver TRANCE, TECHNO, JUNGLE and RAVE tunes for intense dancefloor moments all night long.

Blue Hour

(UK/DE / positivesource | Blue Hour Music)

BLUE HOUR - The Berlin-based producer, DJ and head of the ‘Blue Hour Music' record label blurs the lines between Acid Techno, old school Rave, Breakbeat, Jungle and Leftfield to create a mirage of hazy euphoria and explore a narrative of timeless music unbound by geography and scene.

With an ethos to evolve and support compelling artists, the door of 'Blue Hour Music' opens up, releasing the work of Alpha Tracks and Dold along the way, as well as gaining the reputation of a respected and important outlet for Techno. The acclaimed 'Remixed' series on the 'Blue Hour Music' imprint saw Steffi, Pangaea, Hector Oaks and many more re-working his music. Now completed, new remix projects and collaborative ventures take focus in its place, including collaborative releases with Copenhagen's Fast Forward (remixes by DJ Ibon, Sugar and Repro) and UTE from Oslo (Remixes by Omformer, Mikkel Rev, Marilao and Oprofessionell). Blue Hour also has released on labels such as Berghain’s Ostgut Ton and ARTS.


(NO / UTE | positivesource) of the co-heads behind the Oslo-based label and collective UTE (sub-labels: Sinensis and Translusid). A brand that has become a quality stamp for the craziest forest raves and packed club nights in the Oslo area within the last few years. He is also one of the brains behind other projects like Omformer and Kineta. A1 track on the postivesoruce release SRC001 is done by no other than this brainchild.

Minus Magnus

(NO / Mhost Likely Black | Ploink)

Warming up the floor tomorrow is Bergen and Mhost Likely's own - MINUS MAGNUS.

Known for his mixing skills, it is the selection that genuinely stands out - a well-curated mix of known and unknown gems. Minus Magnus seeks the sweet spot between tracks that are connected via vibe and style.

Dato: lørdag 13.11.

Sted: Østre, Fongaard 2.etg

Åpningstid: 22:30 - 02:45

Billetter: Earlybird 150,-, Tickets 200,-

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