Samuel Brzeski: Just be glad it's not you

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Østre invites you to the rhythm of the empty dancefloor to explore various textual articulations, motivations, fabrications and vibrations.

"Just be glad it's not" you presents a stream of language plucked from the abundance of text overflowing from the digitised network. In this we see various accounts and classifications of narcissistic behaviour traits, as diagnosed by a host of self-proclaimed online experts, delivered through pulsing screens and rhythmically set to a thumping techno soundtrack.

Samuel Brzeski (1988) is an artist and writer based in Bergen. His current work deals with the situation of language within post-digital culture, particularly in relation to articulations of affect. Recent exhibitions, performances and publications include Galleri Box (Gothenburg), Babel Visningsrom (Trondheim), Studio 17 (Stavanger), Lydgalleriet (Bergen), Inversia Festival (Murmansk), KRAFT (Bergen), Black Box Theatre (Oslo) and Chao Art Centre (Beijing).Sound design by Arthur Hureau.

This project is supported by Kulturrådet and Bergen Kommune, and presented in collaboration with Østre.

Opening on May 5th 19:00

Opening hours:

6.–8. May 14:00–20:00
12.–15. May 14:00–20:00

Dato: fredag 13.5. - søndag 15.5.

Sted: Østre, Fongaard 2.etg

Billetter: 20,-

Samuel Brzeski: Just be glad it's not you