Prøverommet x Østre #6

Østre presenterer:

During this one-evening event, come to see five solo projects from five artists who traverse disciplines, from sculpture to music to sound art. Some of the projects are reconfigurations of past ideas, while others are met with an audience for the very first time.

Audrey Hurd presents a new configuration of her sound installation 'Empty is also full': " I'm curious about vases, these little void holders. They are all surface, but also all space. And each space vibrates with its own resonant frequency. Every confined area sings the song of their walls".

Johan Severin performs material that has never been played to an audience before, combining narrative form with live drumming and improvisation. Johan works with "the performing body, sound, as well as a kind of reimagining of narratives, usually involving video or other time-based media."

Marie Vallestad presents a sculpture with the working title 'Soverom nr.1' ('Bedroom no.1'). Keywords that characterise Marie's practice are "Experience economy, consumer culture (projection of identity through symbols, manipulation of customers/audience to want something) and self-organization".

Pemograneta, a one person performative music project, makes its first appearance ever: "The first seed of this project was laid this year, reacting to limited access whilst everything was closed. Important themes within this creative universe revolve around love, lust and death..."

Tobias Kvendseth performs several tracks from 'The Shame Tapes', his current album being released track by track between 2021-2022. "The project delves into the many aspects of shame and the nuances that differentiate them". This prøverommet event will be the first time the songs are performed live.

Dato: mandag 15.11.

Sted: Østre

Åpningstid: 20:00

Billetter: Ticket 50,-

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Prøverommet x Østre #6