EKKO | Platform GÁTT Day 1

Five high-profile multidisciplinary arts festivals and institutions in the Nordic region band together in Platform GÁTT, with the mission to bring together and highlight young emerging artists living and working in the Nordic countries. 

The first of two nights, Skoðast, takes place on Friday 24th of May at Østre, after Nils Frahm's concert at Grieghallen. The participants of the platform will contribute with works of art of different disciplines, both ongoing and performative. 

Some of the participants contributing this night are:

Benjamin Petersen (FO / Music) 
Borghildur Indriðadóttir (ISL / Performance art) Lilja María Ásmundssdóttir (ISL / Music) Mattias Kapnas (FO / Music) Ronja Louhivuori (FIN / Drag show) 
There are also ongoing installations in Vestre and at Østre Skostredet 10 with contributions from participants Ima Iduozee & Arja Kärkkäinen both Friday and Saturday.

Platform GÁTT is a collaboration between the Bergen International Festival, Reykjavik Arts Festival, Helsinki Festival, Nordic House in the Faroe Islands and Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival.


The artists performing or exhibiting during Platform Gátt day 1 are: 
Lilja Maria Asmundssdottir
Aka Mørch Pedersen
Mattias Kapnas
Benjamin Petersen
Ronja Louhivuori
Ima Iduozee
Loji Höskuldsson
Arja Kärkkäinen.

Dato: fredag 24.5.

Sted: Østre, Fongaard 2.etg

Åpningstid: 22:30 - 01:00

Billetter: Free entry