Ekkoklubb nr. 45

SNUFFO live (In the dark again/Snuff Trax/Berlin)

Sindre Ruud &
Trym Søvdsnes
(Ultra Lyd/Café Opera)

Asel (Ekko)



Ekkos kunstneriske leder Asle Brodin har jobbet med Ekko helt siden oppstarten i 2003, han har tidligere også drevet en rekke klubber som f.eks Hot!Hot!Hot! (2004-2010) og Klubb Elektra (1999-2004) The Fix (2007-2011) Klubb Piknikk (2000-2003) Han har jobbet med scenografi, som produsent for alt fra symfoniorkestre til frijazz, ballett mye mye mer. 



Snuffo’s big passion is performing his music live on stage. His sound is an energetic and ecstatic mix of Techno, Electro, Wave and House. Every moment of the masked man from Berlin marks a really intense dance floor experience.

When not in the studio producing his own tracks or touring live he is active in a few other projects as well. Snuffo is the founder of the famous Acid House project Snuff Crew. He also is part of Kat Channel (with Alienata), Status Tapes and the experimental Cellarkalt.

Snuffo’s music has been released on labels like Burek, Clásicos del Ruido, Suspected Music, DETH Recordings, Polybius Trax, I’m In Love, and some more.2012 marked the start of his solo career and led to connecting with many fans worldwide as both a producer and Iive act. In response, he released his first album in 2016: "Live Free or Die“ which garnered rave reviews. His second long player „Stories From Elsewhere“ came out on Diffuse Reality in early 2018.

While he loves producing and sharing his unique sound, Snuffo is also successfully running his three labels on which he can contribute to the music scene in his curation. On his imprints In The Dark Again, Snuff Trax and Snuff Cuts he presents new and established artists and gains great DJ-support with every release.

Sindre Ruud & Trym Søvdsnes


Sindre Ruud & Trym Søvdsnes
Having had a few gigs here and there both on their own and together, Sindre & Trym got their own monthly night Ultra Lyd at Café Opera two years ago, where they have since both had an arena to experiment and find their own sound, but also invite interesting DJs who doesn’t necessarily get that much play time around town. Inspired by the DIY-party scene and culture and taking cues from music they both grew up with such as 90s breakbeat, acid-house, rave, jungle, dub and hip-hop to name a few, they have a playful anything goes-attitude towards DJing, with the goal of simply having a good party with great music.

Dato: lørdag 5.5.

Sted: Østre, Fongaard 2.etg

Åpningstid: 23:00 - 03:00

Billetter: Sold in door, cc: 100,-