B-Open på Østre: Kim Hankyul

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As part of the B-Open Festival, you can visit Kim Hankyul's site-specific work process on Saturday 25 September with the new work "Flight of the Bumblebees", which will open in Østre on October 1st.

In the exhibition <Flight of the Bumblebees>, Kim Hankyul presents a machinic remake of a classic music written by Rimsky-Korsakov in the same title. Taking a musical sheet as a departure point, the flow of bumblebees is realistically constructed through 60 motors.

Kim Hankyul is an artist living and working in Bergen. Graduated with BA in Aesthetics from Seoul National University and MFA from The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD), University of Bergen. Hankyul’s work is focused on creating new lexical relations between the sound and the visual, by juxtaposing machinic landscape and figurative soundscape in cause and effect relation. Recent works were shown in Østre, EKKO festival no.17 (2020), Atelier Nord (2020), Gyldenpris Kunsthall (2020), Bergen Kunsthall (2019), Landmark(2019) and Galleri Slakt(2019).

Dato: lørdag 25.9.

Sted: Østre
Østre, Oram 1.etg

Åpningstid: 12:00 - 17:00

Billetter: Free entry

B-Open på Østre: Kim Hankyul