Last chance to experience one of this year's new works commissioned for Ekko Festival, "O Nosso Pão", on Wednesday evening at Østre.

In collaboration with Portuguese Filho Único, we picked a well-known local producer from both Lisbon and Bergen, and asked them to together create a work adapted to a multi-channel performance. Bjørn Torske and Rogério Brandão (aka Dj Nigga Fox) accepted the challenge, and for Ekkofestivalen 2022 they present "O Nosso Pão".

The finissage takes place at Østre, between 18:30 – 20:00, and in the ground floor you can experience "ATAMATA" by Jessika Khazrik, presented by Bergen Assembly. Afterwards we go in a group to USF Verftet for Autechre.