After a wild Friday with experimental sonic kicks - we are now getting ready for the big club day!

This Saturday we start with "Air Conditions", where a group of local artists and musicians associated with the underground radio Vers Libre have collaborated with Seyðisfjörður Community Radio 107.1 in Iceland - the result is a two-hour live broadcast from Vestre with elements of music, talk and vacuum cleaner didgeridoo .
You can be present during the broadcast at Vestre between 15-17, or listen from home via!

The doors to the main program open at 21:00, and again we switch the entrance to the back of the house! DJs Morten Joe and Krass starts upstairs and downstairs - so keep in mind to arrive early!

The program down at Vestre gets sour, when Acid connoisseurs Kromoplastik and Sagittarii Acid play live one after another - Kromo from 23:00 and Sagittarii from 23:50. After this, dj Malene Monslaup will continue to keep the dance floor, before dj Scotch Egg respectfully does his second live set this evening (he also plays in Waq Waq Kingdom). Dj Scotch Egg get freaky with gameboys and frying pans, and pushes all noise limits into a boiling mayhem!

The program up at Østre starts with the Swedes Vanligt Folk at 21:30. Anything but usual is what this live experience has been described as – primitive and absurd and hyper fun!

At 22:30 Waq Waq Kingdom goes on stage. The two Berlin-based Japanese offer a colorful mix this evening; Japanese traditional music, European 90s hardcore and newer eclectic blip-blopp electronics, throw in a bit of Jamaican dancehall, tribal, 8-bit techno, African polyrhythms and suddenly it becomes Waq Waq (in Japanese, the feeling of happily looking forward to something - as we are to this concert!)

Next is someone we've been waiting for - Slikback unfortunately had to cancel last year, but this year he's finally coming to Bergen. At 23:30 the Kenyan goes on stage. Here, the music changes tempo on a conveyor belt - global bass music with regional African rhythms seasoned with hints of grime, trap and drum bass.

Last on the live program upstairs is DMX Krew. The Brit has been releasing electro with a long shelf life, which does not sour, since the mid-nineties. Ed's signature both was and is, the use of classic hardware, with a soundscape of stylish electro with a glaze of synthpop - both light-hearted, playful, driving and rather purist. He starts at 00:45!

Finally last, Sedef Adasi plays. The Panorama Bar resident's DJ sets bounce and sparkle over tough and psychedelic acid lines. Remember to dance full out, before we gather in church, the last day, on Sunday.

The advance sale of tickets closes soon - but we will sell tickets at the door subject to capacity. In addition, there is a club ticket for NOK 150 from 01:30 for those who want a last dance.