Fridays at Ekko invite you to experiment and listen. Today we also live-stream new faces in dj-Bergen in collaboration with Vers Libre. We also turn the entrance on its head, and let people in via the back of the house - in Vestre Skostredet 2!
This is happening today:

At 19:00 the stream "Strömming uten hode" starts, from Vestre. 6 DJs play during the evening, and you can watch it from home - and inside at Østre as well.

The stream will have a short break at 20:30, when Julie Silset plays the first live-set this evening downstairs. Bergen-based Silset runs Ideophone Records, and combines modular systems, hardware and analogue synths in her live sets.

While the stream continues down at Vestre, the unique saxophonist Bendik Giske takes the stage on the 2nd floor. Believe it or not, Bendik Giske has not, as far as we know, played in Bergen since 2013! Circular breathing, resonance, microphones and echo are some of the means this magical musician uses to capture the audience in his tireless loop. We are very much looking forward to a long-awaited reunion with Bendik Giske.

After him Hiro Kone goes on. With a background as a former punk rocker, Hiro Kone rips and shreds the electronic format. Whether she creates, ambient, techno or noise, the common denominator is a constructive approach. Through hardware, synths and field recordings, she manipulates sounds and creates structures that are melodic and experimental.

In between concerts, Reckless Kettle plays music. Our second Scottish DJ on the program this year is also based in Bergen, and is a fun soul - something that also characterises his selection. Playful and bouncy, Fergus puts the kettle on, and spits out gorgeous rhythms and dark melodies to fill the void.

Third live artist on the second floor this evening is American Huerco S. His ambient album "For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)" from 2016 went almost viral, with its beautiful and meditative songs. Now he has recently released "Plonk", which ties rhythms into his melodic flair, and the result is fun, wild, Plonk-y & bouncy.

The last live artist this evening is British AJA. We've promised steamrolled club music - and that's the closest we'll come to describing this super-deconstructed mayhem music. As someone wrote online, "AJA sounds like Pan Sonic trying to make a Rotterdam Gabber Record". You must check this out.

Finally upstairs, NnNnadda goes behind the DJ desk. Nadda is a big fan of breaks and electro, has written about DMX Krew in this year's fanzine newspaper - and ends the evening with a delicious, danceable selection.

All this happens upstairs - while the 6 DJs keep the stream flowing down at Vestre. They are Snæi Jack, Carmencita, Sausan, Dj Flaky, Andreas Kühne and Toyota Carina. Check out the stream on our Mixcloud during the evening!

Welcome! ! ! !