After a supersonic start to the festival with Autechre yesterday at USF Verftet, we calm down a bit this Thursday evening and get ready for Building Instrument.

Bergen- and Voss-based Building Instrument, with Mari Kvien Brunvoll, Øyvind Hegg-Lunde and Åsmund Weltzien, has known for a couple of years that a commissioned work was in the making for Ekkofestivalen 2022. Now it will finally see the light of day this Thursday evening.

The new work has been named "Månen, armadillo", and according to the band, has more drum machines than before. The band has carried out pre production at Østre a few weeks before the concert, and from what we have heard from the rehearsals it promises very well. In addition, Silje Grimstad will create the light show accompanied to the concert.

At 20:00 the doors to Østre open, and at 20:30 the band starts upstairs on the 2nd floor. It gets full here, so you have to stand right up to the stage so that everyone gets a good spot

Before, or after, the concert, you can read about Snæi Jack's accounts of listening through the catalog of Building Instrument for the first time, from a cabin visit in Iceland. Nature twists and turns into the accounts, asking the question: what will be your experience of hearing this new work for the first time?

After the concert with Building Instrument, we are planning a small after-party at Banzha, with Yunnan food and snacks, and DJs Trym Søvdsnes and Alskua. The doors open at 21:30, and the restaurant stays open until midnight.

The tickets for Banzha are almost sold out, so if you were one of the lucky ones to get a ticket, you will be served a menu consisting of:
* Grind peanuts
* Yunnan street potatoes
* Pan-fried Baozi buns with pork or mushroom filling
* Nanmi with fried pork and green vegetables
* Zhanyi chilli chicken
* Tofu salad in red oil