Wednesday 2 November
Finally Ekko Festival!

Today's programme starts with a finale; there will be a finissage for the sound work "O Nosso Pão" by Bjørn Torske and Rogério Brandão. At Østre, the doors open at 18:30, and you cheer with friends and fellow festival guests with some complimentary drinks.

On the second floor is the 16-channel Genelec installation, which plays one of this year's new commissioned works from Ekko, in collaboration with Portuguese Filho Único. In March this year, we gathered Rogério Brandão, aka Dj Nigga Fox, and Bjørn Torske in Østre to work on new material together.

Dj Nigga Fox is known from the Portuguese Batida wave, followed closely in the tracks of Dj Marfox, and makes relaxed and deliciously deconstructed beats. A lot reminds us of Torskefar's rattling disco - and they themselves say that they have a "similar groove".

Then the trip continues to the USF Verftet, where the doors open at 8:30 p.m.

The Scottish DJ Hildisvíni plays records inside the bar area outside Røkeriet from the time the doors open, until the concert with Autechre starts at 9:30 p.m.

To say that the artistry of Autechre is vast is an understatement. Each new Autechre album can be both beautiful and challenging, and the distance between the releases is large. The same format follows their live sets – they are constantly evolving and you never quite know what to expect.

This is the first time Autechre plays in Bergen,

and now it's time to get ready. Autechre plays in pitch darkness - so prepare as if you were going to the cinema. Empty your bladder and decide where you want to stand. Turn off your phone and get ready for a full concert experience.

Here is the message from the band themselves:

Autechre will perform in total darkness.

For their set all lights in the venue will be off.

Please plan on being in one place for the performance and do not move unnecessarily until it has finished when the lights will come back on again.

Please do not shine any lights on the stage or around the room during the performance.

In case of emergency all lights will come on and staff will be there to assist you to leave the venue.

If you need to leave for any reason please use your mobile phone to light your way.

Absolutely no recording or flash photography please.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of ​​spending 60 minutes in the dark while Autechre play please see the venue staff before the performance starts.

Thank you,