Ekko Festival 2019 is over, and we celebrate with an after-party on Friday, November 15 at Østre with Camila Fuchs, Bjørn Torske, Asel, Arthur Hureau & the current Lydgalleriet exhibition with Amber Ablett.

Camila Fuchs from Mexico & Munich has vocals reminiscent of early Björk and Karin Dreijer over elongated electronic pulses that crackle and glitch, resulting in beautiful, mesmerizing music.

There will be a listening session in the blackbox, sound art exhibition on the ground floor, the electronic duo from Mexico / Munich playing live, and the festival manager and Bjørn Torske go back to back the evening for a dance floor that takes us back to the festival.

Free entry from 21.00, 120, - from 23.00. More info here!