Visible Cloaks (Rvng Intl. / US)

Inspired by the concept of ‘Fourth World Music,’ which combines the philosophy and technique of minimalism with Asian and African styles through digital production, Visible Cloaks has created an audiovisual oasis dedicated to an exaltation of both serenity and imagination. Through a system based on random algorithms and MIDI, Spencer Doran and Ryan Charlie build delicate audio patterns. These smoothly mutate on top of harmonies and fragile soundscapes and fuse the avant-garde with exotica, psychedelia and millenary instruments on a utopian journey. For LEX, the work that followed their debut album Reassemblage, Visible Cloaks incorporated vocals to create a non-language by combining multiple languages and oratory forms via a translation algorithm. The combination of digital experimentation with references to classic new age is complemented by graphics, videos, and live projections by visual artist Brenna Murphy who has collaborated with the duo since its inception.