Verdensrommet (Nabovarsel - NO)

Andreas Høvset and Vetle Junker met in the 5th grade through a fascination for Oasis and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Many years later they would form the band Verdensrommet. Like local bands Hjerteslag, Chain Wallet and Advanced Language, the music stands rarely still and blasts forward through hypnotising guitars, pulsating synths and intense drums. Andreas and Vetle's vocals soar over the music like a cloud, dripping ekko and delay.

2014 was a major turn turnaround for the band. They went underground to focus on their debut album. A lot of artists have had success with the less is more concept and the same applies here. Their work sounds fresh and powerful. They have made a demanding record which does not fit any particular genre. The drummer is gone, there are less musical elements fighting for attention and what's left is a great interplay between Andreas and Vetle. With drum machines, synths and short guitar loops. It's certainly contemporary, but never predictable. It's hard to find exact references, but a mix of James Moody, Chet Baker and Mac DeMarco seems appropriate.

They come to Ekko in a two-man version of the band. Andreas and Vetle will do an intimate concert with a few analogue instruments and a microphone. Less is more indeed.