Vaghe Stelle (Other People - ITA)

Torino-based Daniele Mana started his musical career with piano, but ended up with samplers and software. We should all be thankful that happened. The italian wizard has a fondness for both 70s krautrock and psychedelic music as well as contemporary genres as grime and 2-step. It has enabled him to produce some otherwordly, schizofrenic and beautiful compositions.

On his album «Sweet Sixteen» all his influences come together in an expression that has no like. Over eight tracks he stretches from abstract, experimental music to techno and noise music. The music sounds like a soundtrack to some dystopian world we can only imagine. Vaghe Stelle is often compared to both Actress and Burial, but Vaghe Stele holds his own ground with an unique and different sound.

We share this fascination with the international press as well as none other than Nicolas Jaar. Vaghe Stelle signed to Jaar's label Other People and released the EP «Abstract Speed + Sound», a record where he explored how digital networks move people and their representations through such networks. A record only Vaghe Stelle can make.