The Megaphonic Thrift (YAP - NO)

There's bound to be noise when you start a band called The Megaphonic Thrift. The Bergen-based band has never been afraid of pushing the decibel boundaries, whether it be in the studio, on the stage or home on the stereo. With guitars, pedals, drums and a wide range of analogue instruments they have by many been described as Norway's own Sonic Youth.

They have for a number of years been one of Norway's most active and critically acclaimed live-band. It's easy to hear why that's the case. Where most bands try hard to replicate songs made in an studio environment on the stage, TMT has a different approach. They use the stage for experimentation. Songs are given different structures, the compositions are changed drastically and new elements added using echo, delay and other specially designed effect boxes.

The experience gathered over a number of years becomes apparent on their latest album «Sun Stare Sound». On this album they work more towards new ways of expressing their material. There are references to both pop, shoegaze and indie, while the wall of noise and feedback is still apparent in many of the songs. The band seems more at ease and sure of their musical expression.