Tami T (SE)

With explicitly honest text and catchy pop-melodies, Tami T explores a space in the pop-cultural world rarely visited in such an open and simple fashion. She sings about sex without any of the euphemisms common to popular music, and close to the raw realities. ”I gave you love and you gave me drugs / you left my chest with a broken heart / you left my pussy with an STD.”

Tami T has her background from Gothenburg, but is now based in Berlin. She became known for her song “I’ve never loved this hard this fast before” in 2013, and has since released a number of singles and Youtube videos.

Her music stays within the well-known format of pop songs, with simple and often sugary or tropical melodies which contrast with her unexpectedly explicit texts. For live performances she plays an instrument she made herself, in appearance similar to and worn as a jewell-studded phallic strap-on and plays upon it with a drumstick.

Gjennombruddet kom med låten «I’ve Never Loved This Hard This Fast Before», og hun har siden sluppet flere singler og videoer på Youtube. Musikken holder seg til et leftfield- popmusikkformat, med enkle og ofte sukkersøte eller tropiske melodier som står i kontrast til uventede vågale tekster. I konsertsammenheng har hun flere ganger hatt som sentralt element et selvlagd fallisk instrument pyntet med paljetter.