Stiletti Ana (FIN)

Stiletti-Ana aka Ilari Larjosto is a legend from Helsinki underground. He is a drummer, producer, session musician for multiple bands and a mixing, mastering and recording engineer for countless projects. Truly an omnipresent figure in the Helsinki underground, he’s got his finger on pretty much every button in the world of Scandinavian electronic music. The man is involved in many popular projects such as K-X-P, Tähtiportti, DJ Candle in The Wind, Jimi Tenor, Randy Barracuda, and the acclaimed band JESSE, and he has released bunch of 12” under his alias Stiletti-Ana. In 2015 Larjosto released his debut mini album on I’m A Cliché records and at the moment he is working on new tracks that will be released under various labels during 2016.