SØS Gunver Ryberg «Resist this change is to resist the essence of existence» (Avian / DK)

Music goes far beyond a source of entertainment for SØS Gunver Ryberg. She sees music as one of life’s true necessities. A medium that allows her to address the problems and complexities of our time, a fundamental theme that is deeply ingrained into her artistry. Through her work, she strives for diversity in expression and maintains values of understanding, openness, conscious listening, humanity and inclusiveness. For these reasons, her approach to music is built on the concept of a free manifestation of sound.

Ryberg is an artist with many compelling strings to her bow. To try and categorise her into one single discipline is simply not possible. Her vast body of work extends through many forms but, most importantly, is always founded upon her philosophy — to explore the essence of existence while being a voice in a community that challenges conformity and commercialism.

This time SØS Gunver Ryberg visits us with a completely new commissioned work, commissioned in collaboration with Norbergfestival, Radar and Intonal, a collaboration initiated and supported through Puls - Norsk Kulturfond. This will finally be the premiere concert of this work.

Photo credit: Flemming Bo Jensen