Rudi & Admir (Maksimal / NO)

Admir Korjenic started invading Bergen in 2005, and quickly grew roots in the electronic music environment around the Ekko Festival. He divides his time between producing electronic music and releasing it on his label and record company Maksimal. His record collection is clearly curated by a happy optimist, spanning from Spanish wave inspired house ala John Talabot to African tribal music to sensual disco straight from 52nd street in New York. The dance floors he create swing between heavy rhythms and airy melodies.

Rudi Valdersnes has long been an active artist on the electronic music scene in Bergen, and has frequented the cities clubs both on the dancefloor and the stage. In 2016 he made a commissioned work for the Bergen International Festival, which showcased his abilities to create vivid imageries from rhythms and timbres. He has played DJ sets actively over the recent years at both dance clubs and concert venues such as Café Opera, Landmark and Østre.

Admir and Rudi share a passion for minimalistic dance music. Here the sound is stripped down to the essentials, narrowing the musical focus to functionalistic and fun rhythms, intensely danceable. This evening they team up behind the turntables with two drum machines, a number of ambient- and drone records and mix it all together to create a mesmerizing and transcendental cocktail.