Rroxymore (Human Level - FR)

How do you make new rhythms that are still trance-setting and danceable? The french musician Hermonie Frank, to most known as rRoxymore, might just have the best answers to that question.

She started her career in an unused garage in Montpellier. She went through tons of samples using Cubase and her Akai 950-sampler looking for clips, effects, instrumentation and melodies. At the same time she made her way through the buzzing club scene. As a DJ, she played music which has its roots in jazz, funk and mixed it with new, electronic music. Something must have happened during this time, because she retired from the scene to concentrate on her work in the studio. She started to experiment with synthesizers and developed an unique approach to instrumentation with a couple of great releases.

Her first track «Wheel of Fortune» made it to a vinyl release together with none other than Planningtorock. She followed it up by joining Olof Dreijer from The Knife on another release. She's staying through to her dance music background and the rhythms are at the fore on both tracks. It's clear that Hermonie won't quite the dance floor.