Roar Sletteland «Dubtables» (NO)

Roar Sletteland's "Dubtables" is an installation exploring the basics of the vinyl as media - the rotating disc, the arm, the motor, the contact between the stylus and the grooves, the relationship between sound and movement, all put into play in an automated yet unpredictable DJ-sett. 

The elements of sound lie as pictures or imprints of has-been sound in the grooves, redrawn by the stylus to present sound. In a time where both the means by which both musical output and input more often than not are purely digital, the installation becomes a reminder of the essentially physical nature of sound. This also involves the DJ and dance-culture starting in the 70´s, where the vinyl record and record players made up the foundation of an entire sociocultural phenomenon. The record as a social identity, dance as a social activity, and the technology that made the premises.

This project originates in the dance performance The Table Turns by Roar Sletteland and Karen Eide Bøen, where the dancer´s movements controlled the movement of the turntables. This time it is the tables turn to do the dancing.

In cooperation with Lydgalleriet.