Niilas (Balsa Wood - NO)

We have seldom seen such a rapid development as is the case with Niilas - a new producer from Bergen. In just a year he has managed to remix Sondre Lerche, Stockhaus, guest star at NRK P3, get his tracks played at BBC1 Radio and release a great track on the new Bergen based record label Balsa Wood.

Niilas works with rhythms from modern genres like 2-step, trap and grime. But there is a significant difference between Niilas and his contemporaries. While most producers who work with these genres are chiefly concerned with rhythm and bass, that isn't Niilas' only concern. He is just as interested in melodies as he is in bass. He has said that he gets his inspiration from Norwegian musicians Casiokids, R√łyksopp, Drippin and Cashmere Cat. If he continues working hard, those same words might apply to himself one day.