Moon Relay (Hubro / NO)

Moon Relay consists of Ola Høyer, Daniel Grønvold, Håvard Volden and Christian Næss, all well-known names from the experimental jazz-scene in Oslo. The members have played in, among others, Syntax TerrOrkester, Jenny Hval and Cortex. In this constellation, the member’s patchwork inspiration of 60-s psychedelica, kraut-rock, free jazz and electro-acoustic music come together in a thickly woven carpet of sounds, hypnotizing the audience with repeating guitar strands and insistent rhythms. Neither their sound, titles nor concerts are reminiscent of anything other than themselves.

The group have played together for many years, and their first single, a twelve-inch released on Hubro Music, is long since sold out. They released their self-titled debut album in 2015 on Fysisk Format, a piece of noise-rock beyond compare. The titles are inscrutable, such as "////////L" and "^==X``", reflecting the bands indubitably intense and instrumental music. Their second album, "Full stop Etc." was also released on Hubro Music, a label well known for their daring choices of experimental and ground-breaking music. Since their first record, their style has become tighter and more structured, but still with a free and improvisatory expression.