Mono Junk (FIN / DUM/Skudge)

"Kimmo Rapatti aka Mono Junk is a true underground techno pioneer. In 1992 he started the label Dum Records, creating a platform for his own output and a way to express himself on his own terms. Dum Records together with Sähkö Recordings, founded in '92, were the first techno labels hailing from Finland.

This been said Kimmo Rapatti is responsible for some of the earliest techno productions ever emanating from this special region of Europe, known for its remarkably high quality music scene.

Ever since then, Kimmo Rapatti continued producing and (re)-defining the sound of electronic music as a dedicated pioneer, being responsible for many renowned and classics. His most famous track “Melody Boy 2000 - Monotonous Fantastique” is considered by technoexperts and tastemakers as one of the best Finnish techno tracks ever made.

Up until present times, Mono Junk never used any software programs for his productions, and he swears he never will - which is why he's known to be called "Analogue Junkie".

After a small hiatus, Mono Junk is making credible appearances on labels like Forbidden Planet , Ratlife Records and Skudge Records, while also intensely working on his live performance, which truely still is worth to be called a real live set. He is perfoming worldwide at the best places like Berghain in Berlin or Concrete Paris.

In 2016 he relaunched his pioneering label DUM Records. In both his dynamic performances and productions, his signature sound is a deep, dense mix of noticeable influences from Detroit, Chicago and as in one of his most known tracks "Channel B" a little bit of Basic Channel with a twist of the seemingly endless winters of Finland. "Raw, minimalistic techno woven together in a hypnotic stone cold form" is possibly the truest, most definite description of his sound you'll ever read."