Max Cooper «Emergence» (UK)

Max Coopers work of art has been described by many as uncompromising. He has with a number of project expressed himself through linear dance music and more listenable, eksperimental soundscapes. This might not in itself be truly unique, but if you dig through his works and methods several interesting and unexpected layers of detail emerge. For instance, he is a doctorate in bioinformatics as well as a musician and designer. His latest project - «Emergence» proves that his intentions and ambitions extend beyond a mere musical performance.

Emergence is a concept that details the processes how smaller, uncomplicated entities become larger, complex entities throught interaction. You could say that about many things, for instance water molecules that become crystal or bacteria that evolves to living organisms.

Even though Max Cooper works with themes and issues based on academic theories, it's important not to think of «Emergence» as an academic work, but as a story in sound and pictures. Max Cooper is insistent on the work being interesting on a visual og musical level, even without an analysis of all the content behind the piece. Instead, it's up to the audience to decide what the different pieces are and what they mean. «Emergence» is a deeply, personal experience that manifests itself through interaction and reflection.