Man Duo (Solina Records / FIN)

Man Duo, a collaboration between the two long-time friends and musical partners Jaako Eino Kalevi and Sami Toroi AKA Long-Sam, had its small beginnings in 2012, when they released an album under the name ”Amateurs de Vérité”. This was folk-psych and electronic music sewn elegantly together, mixed up with elements of kraut and avant-garde. After a number of years spent focusing on their own solo projects, the duo has come together again, creating pulsating music with techno-beats, languid, flowing vocals and space-flying synths.

Kalevi is well-known for his solo project, and played at the Ekko festival in 2014 when he released his EP “Dreamzone”, a wonderful mix of saxophone, deep vocals and extremely danceable rhythms. Sami Toroi has made a name for himself as Long-Sam, which released the album “Elephant” in 2015.

Man Duo started playing live again this past year. Their album ”Orbits” was released in August this year on the London-based Kayakaya records, and shows a duo at a peak of collaborative creative synergy, with a sound that belongs equally on stage as on the dance floor.