Long-Sam (Smulki - FIN)

The Finnish producer Long-Sam, also known as Sami Toroi, has a long history from the Helsinki music scene. He has been involved in the Gigawatt record label and released his first album on the finnish label. He did a number of concerts while he was still working with his songs and collaborated with a number of local musicians. This proactive way of working would soon yield results as he met Jaakko Eino Kalevi.

The two musicians developed a mutual understanding and exchanged ideas over a number of years. In 2012 they collaborated on the album «Totuuden Rakastajat/Amateurs De Vérité». It is based on scetches from 2001-2011 and showcases their strong skills as musicians. The lyrics are catchy, the rhythms are loose and the melodies are beautiful.

Long-Sam made a name for himself with the album «Shout». While the songs are more abstract than his previous material, there should be no doub that Sami is an artists who believes in his skills as a musician and has the courage to write songs that are powerful and demanding. Long-Sam is currently working on his fourth studio album.