Laurel Halo (Hyperdub / US)

Laurel Halo is an artist in constant flux, movement and metamorphosis. Throughout ten years of releases, she has explored many different parts of the electronic experimental field, from post-pop to techno and electro-jazz. Her work is testament to an artist determined to push at limits and defy classification.

Halo is born and raised in Michigan, but lives and works in Berlin. Her music bears influence from Detroit-techno, sci-fi, Berlin-dance and jazz. She is a classically trained musician and masterfully combines this mix in various ways. In her debut album, "Quarantine" (2012), post-pop ambience lies in the backdrop of her intensely present, unedited vocals, creating a raw and alienating contrast. The album was well, but divisively received, and named album of the year by the Wire.

Her follow-up, "Chance of Rain", is entirely without vocals, but with a strong producer visible between the pulses of jazzy techno. Between 2013-16 she collaborated with a number of musicians and producers for various projects, which strongly influence her latest album, "Dust". Here a number of artist appear on tracks, creating multiple vocal narratives and cutting, shaping and treating the voice as material.