«KROM» Njaal Paulsberg, Jon-Erik Boska, Birk Nygaard (NO)

One of Ekkos main ambitions is to present new, unique artistic compositions and installations, specifically designed for the festival. One of this years productions is the collaboration «Krom» - where sound and light meet and the boundaries between a concert and an installation disintegrate. Three exciting artists with different artistic backgrounds make this site-specific installation which will only be on display once during the festival.

Jon Eirik Boska
Jon Eirik Boska is a musician and sound maker from Tromsø. He makes soundscapes combining cinematic effects, field recordings and his own recordings from the studio. He has a number of releases under his belt on various labels such as Studio Barnhouse, Permanent Vacation and Balsa Wood.

Njaal Paulsberg
Njaal is a producer, singer and multi instrumentalist from Bergen. He has made a number of bass heavy, rhythmic tracks where he explores the relationship between functional dance music and musical complexity. Njaal is the front man, singer and synth-guru in the band Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo.

Birk Nygaard
Birk Nygaard is often referred to as Hordalands master of video art. He develops visual designs for different expressions on stage - be it a concert, theatre or dance. He makes installations and initiates projects within art performance. His works have been displayed at Bergen Art Hall and by Raff Design and he has worked with Ekko on a number of occasions.