Kindness dj-set (Female Energy - UK)

“I want to give people another choice,” says Adam Bainbridge, the artist who records and performs as Kindness. “There’s a lot of great, direct contemporary-sounding pop music to choose from, but my motivation is: ‘What do I feel I can do better than anyone else?’ I hope I’ve made that record.” With "Oh World, You Need a Change of Mind" he did exactly that. Through ten amazing songs he went from R&B, synth-pop, and house to classical music and disco. Still, the album was both coherent and accessible, impressive when you think about the amount of musical elements on show.

What most people maybe don't know is that Adam plays records and he's really good at it. So good in fact that Tim Sweeney felt compelled to invite him to two Beats in Space Shows in two years. It tells us that Kindness also has an important role in the world of dance music. The last couple of years he has done several recordings of eclectic dance mixes and he has proved to be a great selector as he goes through bass-heavy music like house, hip hop, future r&b while also displaying an adept understanding of african music and proto disco.