Kahuun & Kohib (Beatservice/Ploink - NO)

Kahuun & Kohib is a new collaboration from Norway. The two producers have lived separately as producers in a number of years in Bergen and Tromsø.

Kahuun has released music on several important norwegian and international record labels. He made his debut in 1999 at the London-based Paper Recordings and has since released music on both Hi Fi Terapi, Sex Tags and lately at Bergen-based Ploink - a release that made its way to BBC1 Radio. Kahuun has explored genres such as future jazz, breakbeat and new disco as well as house and techno. He is a mature producers who has finally established an international career.

Tromsø is a city with proud traditions with regards to electronic music. It has spawned great artists such as Mental Overdrive, Bjørn Torske and Röyksopp. Kohib is the newest addition to this fertile enviroment. He works with music that has its roots in tekno, elektro and house - heavy grooves and intense rhythms that are both danceable and overwhelming. He has a number of realeases on the legendary label Beatservice Records.

The two producers have worked together for several years with a format where they both create individual tracks and then interpret each others tracks. This will be replicated on the stage, where they perform the material live.