Joakim Blattmann & Ricardo del Pozo (NO)

Joakim Blattmann has his background from the art Academy in Trondheim, graduating with his masters degree in 2012. His work explore sound through many forms, centered around sculptural, often site-specific installations, field recordings and the inherent acoustic properties of various objects. He has also worked with composition, audio-visual works and concerts.

Blattmann has held exhibitions at Mago B, Amro, Tomrom w/ Sandefjord art union and Supermarket in Stockholm w/ RAM gallery and Lygalleriet at Østre.

Ricardo del Pozo is educated at the art Academy of Bergen. He addresses the formal aspects of recorded video through digital real-time based processes. He works consciously with the recorded material´s formal qualities by using generative processes and redefines these as visually transporting materials.

He has worked on both installations and live works, among others performing the piece “Vingt Regards sur L´Enfants” with Håkon Austbø on piano, and a corresponding video piece based on the color-coded voices in Olivier Messians compositions. 

Blattmann and del Pozo have collaborated artistically for a number of years, and are joint curators of the sound performance series Spaces Speak. The series focuses on the interaction between sound and picture, and is presented together with RAM gallery and NOTAM.