Hage (NO)

Hage is an indie-pop band from Bergen. Veronika Heilund and Vilde Kolltveit started the band a year ago and they have quickly established themselves as an important part of a new part of the musical enviroment in Bergen. Their first song "The Taste" was picked up by the norwegian radio station P3 and the band signed for Diamond Club; an offshoot of the Brilliance record label.

There are a number of reasons of Hages quick success. They write songs with driving melodier and vocal harmonies. The texts are loosely based on own experiences and some fiction. Hage are both accessible, engaged and passionate. They create great soundscapes with synths, guitars and beautiful voices. At times their music bares resemblance to Haim - catchy pop with a dose of self awareness.

The band is currently working on new material and has recruited three new musicians. We look forward to see the band in a new constellation at Ekko!