DJ Fett Burger & DJ Luca Lozano (Sex Tags Mania / NO/UK)

DJ Fett Burger is an eccentric underground DJ and producer from Moss, Norway, currently residing in Berlin. Among many things, he is one half of the duo behind the Norwegian labels Sex Tags Mania and Sex Tags Amfibia. He also runs the record label Sex Tags UFO on his own, as well as being the man behind the taste maker mix series Trushmix. Recently Fett Burger has put his mind into his new left-field experimental project Mongo Fett, and the new record label Freakout Cult, that he runs together with Jayda G. With numerous side projects, remixes and collaborations, Fett Burger always has new material being released in a constant unpredictable flow.

As a DJ, Fett Burger is acclaimed for his diverse selection and trippy eclectic long sets. He is not bound by any genres, but he has a solid base in house, disco and left-field. Fett Burger keeps things odd, underground and he does his thing at his own pace.

Luca Lozano keeps busy regularly putting out bangers on his own well-acclaimed label Klasse Recordings, and labels such as Klass Wrecks, Zodiac 44 and GRAFITI TAPES. He is a freakishly talented dj, as well as maintaining an exciting art and design career as Planet Luke, where he recently did a solo exhibition in Berlin. Lozano's early music interest got him into music production where he started producing Jungle, and the list continues with releases on SEX TAGS UFO, Optimo Trax and several other labels.

Lozano, like Fett Burger, has a strong interest in and background from the graffiti community, and this is evident in both his art and music publications. His "rooting for the underdog" mentality is shown through his publications but also his way of dj-ing. He smoothly blends hard basslines and deep, darker tunes in a surprisingly light-weight way, with a mix of house, UK-techno, jungle, breakbeat and whatever he feels like there and then. 

As part of the Sex Tags family that only favors the best of the best from the underground, it will be a pleasure to see two like-minded djs wrapping up the first day of Ekko. Ride or die ...