Craig Wells, Andrea Parkins, Katt Hernandez, Ulf Holbrook

Welcome to concert #5 in Electric Audio Unit and Audiorama’s PULS project, curated by Trond Lossius. In this concert there will be several parallel theme strands, but one of them will have to do with current artistic research in 3D audio. All artists are currently PhD fellows at various institutions in Norway and Sweden, with 3D audio being an important aspect of their research projects. All of them will be premiering new works.

PULS 2018-2019 is a Nordic collaboration between two professional concert organisers and mediators in Norway and Sweden - EAU (NO) and Audiorama (SE). The project is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund's PULS promoters program. The core of the project is the exchange of ten concerts in two countries and four cities, five in Norway and five in Sweden. In Norway, the concerts are added to Oslo and Bergen.

For the ten concerts we have picked out five interesting artists from the five Nordic countries, to curate and present their own programs. In Bergen the production is carried out in collaboration with Østre, Lydgalleriet, EKKO, BEK and PNEK.

Together, the project contains a significant exchange and network between the artists, organisers and the audience in the Nordic countries, and between the four cities Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm and Gothenburg.