Ceephax Acid Crew (WéMè Records / UK)

«The first tune I could play was the death march monophonically on the harmonium when I was five. I learnt it from a game called R.I.P. on the Commodore VIC20 (a friendly computer). Later, me and my brother Jonny did a hip-hop track (sadly recorded over so my mum couldn’t ever hear it.) I didn’t really do any more music until I moved a slider up on one of my brother Tom’s early acid tracks when I was 13. A bit later I did a cut-up of the gameshow “Countdown” on cassette. I was in a band called C-Fax which made some wobbly covers of nursery rhymes and did one gig which was lots of fun, we called it a day around that point.Then I finally bought some rave gear when I was 18: a sh-101, a tr-606, some casio thing, a delay unit and borrowed my brother’s tb-303 and started recording tracks.
Then I did an acid gig and Ed Dmx signed me up to his label “Breakin’ Records”.The rest is history, as was that bit before as well, even more so maybe as it happened earlier than “the rest” and therefore feels more historical. Musically these days I make tunes on various music-creating beasts and play live and/or dj at raves or things that seem good. I also release some of the music on good labels !!»