B.L.A.D. «FEED ME» (Blank Blank / Sex Tags)

B.L.A.D. is a collaboration between Blank Blank and DJ Fett Burger from Sex Tags, where they irregularly give out small and elaborate zines, all of which come with a small leaf (norwegian: «blad»). In addition to the zine's own Petri Henriksson and DJ Fett Burger, they have had a nice group of contributors, including Vilunki 3000, Luca Lozano, Ian Stevenson and Johannes Høie. The zine's illustrations and language are so well done in its own style that its hard not to become mesmerized by the crafty creations. 

At EKKO they throw a release party for their latest edition, No. 18, "FEED ME".
If theres one release party you should go to in 2017, this is the one.