Ekko Festival no. 16
Artist talk: Ceephax Acid Crew, Gwem & Vj the C.men (BEK meets EKKO)
Sat 26. October
19:30 - 20:15
Oram - 1st Floor - Østre
19:00 - 05:00
Daypass 350,- (includes all program this day )
3-Daypass thurs-fri-sat 850,- NOK

Østre Skostredet 3 & Vestre Skostredet 2, Bergen

BEK in collaboration with EKKO: 

Musical Collaborations & Alternate methods for production.

This talk will focus on alternate methods for creating music - starting with a demo of the 1987 Commodore Amiga that made music production possible as one of the first software sequencers available as a consumer product, and is still used by musicians today.

For this talk we will dive into the history and future of home music production, what role it has in live performance and how it established collaborative projects.
Marieke Verbiesen from the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art will sit down with these guests: 
Julian Van Aalderen / VJ THE C-MEN
Gareth Morris / GWEM
Andy Jenkinson / CEEPHAX ACID CREW

The talk has free entry, with free ID and will be held in english.

Day Program
Hytta - Radio Studio Oram - 1st Floor - Østre Fongaard Stage - 1st floor - Østre Vestre Stage - Ground Floor