Andy Stott (Modern Love / UK)

Andy Stott is a Manchester based producer and DJ who has made quite a name for himself over the past ten years, creating a sound where he mixes house, grime, techno and dub. His music fluctuates between fluid, dancy beats and clinically precise transitions, with ghostly vocals featured on his newer recordings. He has released seven albums and EPs, in addition to a plethora of singles and shorter records. Stott has a close connection to the Manchester based label Modern Love, alongside Caro Intelecto and Demdike Stare, among others. He also has a close artistic collaboration with the label’s founder and producer, Shlom Sviri.


"Too Many Voices", Stott’s newest album released in 2016, is simultaneously his most accessible and his most experimental work. The album is characterized by elegant use of a Triton-synthesizer, inspired by among others David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s twelve-inch record "Bamboo Houses" from the eighties. The title song and last track on the record includes glasslike keyboarding, choirs of dissonance and voices in the uncanny valley between human and synthetic.