Ekko konsertserie nr. 35
Sebastian Mullaert (Kontra–Musik / SE)
Lør 18. April
Østre - 2.etg - Fongaard
22:00 - 03:00
150,- forhåndssalg på ticketco
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Known for his work as one half of Minilogue, Sebastian is also an accomplished solo artist with new material ready to roll. As an artist that is constantly evolving he has taken a bold new direction in his sonic exploration, immersing himself in the neo-classical scene and joining forces with one of the top 10 philharmonic orchestras in the world - Tonhalle Zürich. Working with great care and innovation he has created a truly immersive audio-visual performance experience, combining a mesmerising integration of electronic and classical instrumentation, with a visual art installation based on breath taking nature landscapes shot from a helicopter perspective. With such an innovative approach he aims to bridge the gap between classical and electronic music and introduce a whole new generation to the neo-classical concept.