Ekko Festival nr.13
Multi: Bethan Kellough (UK)
Tor 03. November
20:00 - 20:30
Østre - 2.etg - Fongaard
19:30 - 22:30
100,- + avgift
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I samarbeid med Lydgalleriet og BEK presenterer vi i år to konserter i Ambisonics-format.

Bethan Kellough presents Aven.  

Aven is a recent release on Touch that will be presented at Ekko Festival for the first time in ambisonic surround sound. The release is based on a recording of the booming sound of underground geothermal activity escaping to the surface through a small shaft in Iceland. 

“Looking down into the darkness, there was a sense that a whole world existed in an unknown space beneath. The sound world of Aven is a journey through such an imagined environment.”

Driven by this sonic encounter the work enters the imagined spaces in the invisible layers beneath the surface, combining instrumental materials, electronic sources and field recordings to articulate sound worlds that inhabit the boundaries between music and sound design. 

The field recordings used in Aven were made in Iceland during the Wildeye sound recording workshop with Chris Watson and Jez riley French, and in South Africa during the Sonic Mmabolela residency with Francisco Lopez and James Webb. The work was first performed at the Touch Conference in Los Angeles on 30th April 2016.

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Reviews of Aven:

“This is purely cinematic music, the sort of material that has the power to move and delight with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness. Stunning.” (junodownload.com)

 “Aven… is a film you watch with your ears. It has no visual component, but it may as well be a film.” (Tiny Mix Tapes, USA)

 “…this is a tough, muscular work, evoking not just the wonder of nature but also its danger, and the suddenness of its changes of mood” (dogrando, UK)

“Kellough offers something both earthy and fantastical, taking the natural world's slice of life and developing new narratives.” (Norman Records, UK)

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Østre - 2.etg - Fongaard