Mokira (SE / Kontra-Musik)
Søn 31. Oktober
Slettebakken Kirke
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Mokira is the first and primary project for the prolific Swedish producer Andreas Tilliander – who also makes slow acid as TM404, distorted techno as Svaag [Semantica], and proper dub techno under his own name as Tilliander on Echocord and Börft Records (among other activities and aliases). When Mokira was originally conceived in the nineties, it was all about sound, texture, and grain rather than anything else.

In 2000, Mokira released his debut on the prestigious Raster-Noton label. Entitled Cliphop, it helped define the “clicks n cuts” genre, and Tilliander started performing live all over the world. The music was rhythmic with sparse minimalism and glitch grooves, which defined the first stage of his career. After 2002’s Plee on Mille Plateaux, he changed his focus for 2003’s Album on Type Records. With no percussion, Album was all about huge pads and analog delays – or as some would describe it, ambience.

Nowadays the music of Mokira may be described as a mixture of these two styles, while never forgetting deep roots in dub. Using mainly vintage gear, rhythm is a memory, obscured by analog grit and thick squelchy drones. Nine albums in – he released 2018’s Buchla-based Chill Out on Kontra-Musik – it’s a sound he’s perfected.

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