Non-stop kino: Mika Taanila «Collapsing Worlds» (Magnetic North x Ekko)
Søn 24. Oktober
13:00 - 20:00
Østre - 2.etg - Fongaard
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Mika Taanila: «Collapsing Worlds»

Worlds A Physical Ring (4 min)
Optical Sound (6 min)
Future Is Not What It Used To Be (52 min)
The World (8 min)

I samarbeid med Blank Blank og Magnetic North presenterer vi et eget screening-program med filmer fra finske Mika Taanila.

Magnetic North er et finsk-norsk plattform og nettside laget av Blank Blank som drar nordiske og ikke-nordiske artister litt nærmere hverandre. Programmet søndag 24.oktober er satt sammen i samarbeid mellom Ekko og Magnetic North.

The four films in the program discuss the dynamic intercation between man and technology. We see failing brave new worlds, fragile machines and shaking earths, accompanied by soothing electronic music. The program is dedicated to Erkki Kurenniemi (1941–2017).

«A Physical Ring»
Director end editor: Mika Taanila
Music: Ø
Cinematography: found footage, Jussi Eerola
4 minutes

A found-footage film based on 35mm film material from an anonymous Finnish physical test that took place in the 1940’s. The original purpose of the test remains unknown today.
The decade from which A Physical Ring dates emphasised the unique capacity of the moving image to record events that were invisible or too rapid for the human eye. The moving image and scientific experiment had, of course, been natural partners since the early years of cinema. Special effects such as extreme slow motion, timing, microscope images and underwater shooting were known as early as the beginning of the 20th century. They revealed new, invisible worlds. Walter Benjamin, among others, wrote about the "optic subconscious" revealed by film.
"Surrealist drama" is also present in A Physical Ring, which fascinates the viewer with its alchemy-tuned experiment arrangements and laboratory rituals. The frame area is dominated by the wide, vibrating band, which seems to hover in the air as if it was part of a magician's show. The band is clearly the main element in the experiment, and it is the main target of the activated physical (magnetic?) forces. The box-like shape, that is in the middle of the frame in the beginning, and the band are linked by a straight stick reminiscent of a magician's wand, which the executors of the experiment remove from the floor during the session.”

– Kari Yli-Annala: “The Enigma of A Physical Ring”
«Optical Sound»
Director end editor: Mika Taanila
Cinematography and co-script: Jussi Eerola
Music: [The User]
Sound designer: Olli Huhtanen
6 minutes

”Do machines play music? Is there a difference between a dot matrix printer and a record turntable? Optical Sound, Taanila’s 2005 wide-screen interpretation of [The User]’s brutalist sound piece for an array of obsolete printers, depicts the devices ratcheting horizontally together in a stalled symphony, inkjets repeatedly blackening the same area on the page.
It’s not the blurring of man with machine that lies at the core of this film, but the blurring of the spaces that each has been traditionally obliged to occupy. We disappear into our data streams, which are everywhere and ‘nowhere’ at the same time.”
– Ken Hollings

«The Future Is Not What It Used to Be»
Director end editor: Mika Taanila
Cinematography: Jussi Eerola
Music: Erkki Kurenniemi, Jukka Ruohomäki, Sähkökvartetti, György Ligeti
Sound designer: Olli Huhtanen
52 minutes

A film about Erkki Kurenniemi, whose career represents a natural blend of music, film, computers, robotics, science and art. Kurenniemi’s story is a fascinating and forceful depiction of a forgotten visionary. Throughout the years he constantly seeked for new kind of user interfaces for musical instruments and semiautomatic music generation. The film revolves around Kurenniemi's task of collecting everything. Kurenniemi records his thoughts, observations, objects and most trivial images constantly, with manic precision, with the ultimate goal of reconstructing the human soul – merging man and machine.

«The World»
Director end editor: Mika Taanila
8 minutes

The World is an upside-down take on The Man Who Fell to Earth (Roeg 1976), featuring a soundtrack with imaginary landslides for nobody’s eyes and “Man Who Sold the World” popping up backwards. All shots are evacuated of human beings, gravity remains. In abandoned landscapes, animals, furniture and empty vehicles are left awaiting for a disaster. A “film without film” and my Bowie tribute.
”We must have died alone, a long long time ago.” (D.B.)

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