Icelandic Sound Company
Icelandic Sound Company (ISL)
Søn 26. September
Østre - Østre Skostredet 3
18:00 - 21:00
Billett: 100,-
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Icelandic Sound Company is a collaboration of electric guitarist Ríkharður H. Friðriksson and percussionist and keyboardist Gunnar Kristinsson.Aside from their “normal” instruments they both use computers and audio effects processors to widen up the sound to the extent that eventually it’s often quite hard to hear where the sound came from originally.

A guest for the Norwegian 2021 concerts will be Hilmar Thordarson, using his own instrument, the ConDis glove, to conjure strange sounds from his laptop.The music of Icelandic Sound Company is mainly based on free improvisation, with certain concepts or structures appearing occasionally.

The progress of the music is otherwise determined by impulsive inspiration and interaction between the members. Sound is more important than melody or harmony, as can be clearly deducted from the group’s name.The group’s style is hard to pinpoint; it has been called classical, free-jazz and electronic music alternately. None of these labels are appropriate because the group is totally in its own orbit, steering conscientiously away from normally established musical styles.

Konsertstart 19:00

Dørene åpner 18:00, og før og etter konserten spiller Ekko djs i 1. etg på Østre.