Ekko Festival nr. 16
Carla Dal Forno (Kallista Records / AUS)
Fre 25. Oktober
21:10 - 21:50
Østre - 2.etg - Fongaard

«.....the shadowy space between post-punk, trip-hop, and lo-fi folk. Autumn is the most charged of the seasons, and the most melancholy. As English novelist Kate Atkinson wrote in Human Croquet, the air can feel laden with “an aromatic shadow… the fragrance of last year’s apples and the smell of the insides of very old books with a base note of dead, wet rose-petals.” This same haze is conjured in almost everything recorded by London-via-Australia artist Carla dal Forno. A multi-instrumentalist and detail-obsessive, she records albums that, were they images, would be heavy with fog and sepia. She writes, generally, about the longing that precedes and follows relationships, the kind that casts a sillage of tension and want around the surrounding days.»


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