Ekko Festival nr. 16
Astrid Sonne (Escho / DEN)
Fre 25. Oktober
23:15 - 00:00
Østre - 2.etg - Fongaard
18:30 - 02:00
Dagspass 325,- (inkluderer også alt annet program på Østre denne dagen)
3-Dagerspass tors-fre-lør 850,-
Østre Skostredet 3 & Vestre Skostredet 2, Bergen

Astrid Sonne is a Copenhagen-based composer and viola player. With a background in classical music, she opens up an electronic space to channel different perceptions of sensory and emotional states of being through open, melodic compositions. Balancing contrasts is a reccurring theme in Astrid Sonne’s work, where alternation between repetition and renewal is used as a means of expression. Her compositions consist of everything from synthesizers to choir samples and viola sequences, exceeding genre definitions yet paying homage to sources of inspiration, be it a Danish choir tradition or various noise soundscapes. Furthermore, Astrid Sonne has engaged in creating commissioned works, varying from ‘Ephemeral’, a piece for choir electronics and viola presented at Berlin Atonal 2018, to site-specific compositions for the old ruins under the Danish Parliament and a stretch of the Copenhagen Metro.

Dagens Program
Hytta - Radio Studio Oram - 1.etg - Østre Østre - 2.etg - Fongaard