Ekko & Bergen Assembly
André Bratten (NO)
Fre 30. September
Gratis Inngang

André Bratten is one of Norway's most important names in experimental, electronic dance music. He is a practitioner who is sought after and who does not hesitate to do comissioned pieces for experimental music festivals the one day, and then brutal techno at Berghain the day after. He made his debut in 2013 with the album «Be A Man You Ant» - which itself was a result of a refined working process on one modular synthesizer and one drum machine. As with Todd Terje's "It's the Arps", the limitations worked to Andre's benefit and put it over a number of releases with similar compositional techniques and esthetics. It put him on the world map in electronic music and he followed it with the precisely named "Trommer og Bass" this year.

Even though Andre's often compared to artists like Lindstrøm and Todd Terje, it is somewhat off the mark. His music swings more to a darker universe of tonality. He forms repetitive melodies with a slowly evolving progression and that is precisely what he is composing for Ekko; uncompromising rhythms in a multi-channel environment.